SAE Institute

About SAE Institute

SAE Institute provides specialist vocational and higher education courses worldwide to inspire and develop its graduates. SAE courses emphasise practical experience and the needs of students and industry. SAE students access the latest knowledge and outstanding facilities to enhance their skills. SAE is globally networked as a professional community in creative media.

SAE values commitment to professional excellence in learning and teaching, creative development and student support. It manages a culture of creativity and innovation, teamwork and collegiality and a global perspective with respect for individual differences and diverse cultures. The application of technical mastery and analytical skill to working environments, entrepreneurialism to achieve sustainable growth, open intellectual enquiry and lifelong learning.

Why Study at SAE Institute?

With 54 campuses across 26 countries, students become a part of a global community of aspiring and established creative media professionals.

SAE students are given exclusive access to state-of-the-art film and audio equipment, enabling them to gain technical mastery and advance their skills to industry standard upon completion of their course.

Hands-on practical education ensures students receive sufficient training on the latest equipment and software programs provided, getting them ready for the workplace and providing an opportunity for their creativity to strive.

SAE's accelerated learning format allows students to complete their degree within a two-year time frame (in most locations where the Bachelor is offered), getting students industry qualified and out into the workforce sooner.

SAE has formed many strong industry partnerships wtih key players, enabling it to facilitate unique work experience which provides on-the-job training and networking opportunities for its students leading to enhanced career opportunities.

Courses Offered at SAE Institute

  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Business
  • Digital Film & VFX
  • Web Design & Development
  • Games Design & Programming
  • 3D Animation
  • Cross Media & Digital Journalism

SAE Australia

SAE was established in Australia in 1976 as the world's first audio engineering institute. The early success of SAE and the demand for its practical, theory-based and industry relevant training quickly led to the establishment of other campuses nationwide. By 1982, SAE had campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The purpose-built Byron Bay campus, offering unsurpassed audio facilities, opened in 2003.

From the establishment of SAE's first institutes and courses, government accredited VET and Higher Education qualifications were introduced. SAE has now evolved to become a global leader in creative media education.

In 2004, SAE acquired Qantm College, a leading digital media educator specialising in 3D animation, games design and programming, web development and graphic design. With SAE, Qantm has since expanded into the global arena as a preeminent digital media educator.

SAE and Qantm College now provide courses to more than than 2500 students across 6 campuses in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Courses Available at SAE Australia

  • Bachelor of Audio Production
  • Bachelor of Film Production
  • Bachelor of Creative Media Majoring in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Creative Media Majoring in Interactive Media
  • Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment Majoring in Animation
  • Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment Majoring in Games Design
  • Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment Majoring in Games Programming
  • Diploma of Audio Production
  • Diploma of Film Production
  • Diploma of Sound Production
  • Diploma of Screen and Media with a Specialisation in Digital Video Production
  • Diploma of Screen and Media with a Specialisation in Animation
  • Diploma of Interactive Digital Media

SAE Cape Town

In 2008, SAE chose Cape Town as the location for its first campus in Africa, as the Mother City is the recognised creative capital of the continent.

Today, SAE Cape Town is already a brand name recognised in the film and music industries throughout Africa for its high quality of education provided by its ethical value system, its teachers, its equipment and facilities.

The SAE Cape Town campus offers higher education qualifications and short courses in animation, filmmaking, and sound production, and it enrols students from all across the globe who seek a life changing experience in its spectacular facilities, supported and mentored by an extremely experienced and compassionate staff, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Courses Available at SAE Cape Town

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sound Production
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film Production
  • Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production
  • Higher Certificate in Sound Production
  • Higher Certificate in Animation & Visual Effects

SAE Dubai

SAE Dubai brings expert training and education to the fields of Audio and Film in the Middle East, providing a local base for a global outlook on the new media industries.

Since the beginning, SAE Dubai has produced hundreds of graduates, each uniquely prepared to fill emerging opportunities in the creative industries throughout the region. Its course offerings have grown to include Animation, Multimedia and Games and SAE Dubai is always examining new and exciting opportunities as they arise in the region.

Courses Available at SAE Dubai

  • Bachelor of Audio Production
  • Bachelor of Film Production
  • Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design)
  • BA(Hons) Interactive Animation
  • BA(Hons) Web Development
  • BSc(Hons) Games Programming
  • Diploma of Audio Production
  • Diploma of Film Production


In the United Kingdom, SAE Institute has 4 campuses in London, Liverpool, Glasgow and the world headquarters in Oxford. At SAE UK, students will find inspiring tutors and lecturers together with unrivalled facilities for the sole purpose of dedicated, creative students coming from all over the world with one thing in mind: To Do, Learn and Create surrounded by the atmosphere that only an SAE Institute campus can offer.

SAE Institute UK is accredited by Middlesex University, London UK. Students enrolled on a validated programme will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion of their studies. SAE Institute UK is a partner in Middlesex University Skillset Academy, a member of Study UK and a listed body on the register of the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.

Courses Available at SAE UK

  • BA/BSc(Hons) Audio Production
  • BA/BSc(Hons) Digital Film Making
  • BA/BSc(Hons) Interactive Animation
  • BA/BSc(Hons) Web Development
  • BSc(Hons) Games Programming
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Audio Engineering
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Digital Film Making


SAE USA offers 7 campus locations in the center of the entertainment world:

  • Los Angeles: Hollywood, Music Studios, Films, Beaches, Vibrant Clubs, Mountains, Sunshine and the California Lifestyle all converge to make it the unique creative center of the world
  • New York: Tap into the creative energy of the most vibrant and multi-cultural city in America. There is only one New York
  • Atlanta: Where people, business and culture converge; the music is hot, the arts thrive and hospitality comes second to none
  • San Francisco: The diversity, sophistication, history and creative energy all combine to form an epicenter for contemporary art, culture and the world leader of the digital revolution
  • Miami: Home to America's most beautiful beaches, Miami is also a leading destination for Art, Fashion, Film and Music
  • Nashville: The birthplace of country music and the live sound capital of America

Courses Available at SAE USA

  • Audio Technology Program
  • Beat Lab Production
  • Digital Journalism
  • Electronic Music Production
  • iPhone Application Development
  • Music Business Program