Welcome to Online Learning with Arden University

Online Learning is off-campus flexible learning that allows you to follow identical programmes to campus-based programmes but you can study when it's convenient for you…at home, at work or whilst travelling.

While you may not be studying full-time in a campus, online learning is by no means a solitary process. It is an alternative study method and is extremely advantageous for students who do not live locally to a course provider, or who want the freedom to study when they like and where they like, within a structured but flexible personal timetable.

  • Online Learning no longer has to be boring and lonely with ilearn!

    At PTC, we diverge from the traditional text-based online learning methods in favour an Interactive Virtual Learning Environment called ilearn, which enhances the learning experience.

    Using ilearn, students are not only able to access their lecture notes and learning material online, but also interact with their Online Tutor who is based in the UK. In addition, because these courses are offered worlwide and not in Mauritius, students are connected to all other students around the world enrolled onto the same course through the use of Chat and Discussion Forums, thus replicating a virtual classroom experience.

    For some of our courses which are delivered purely online, examinations are also available online. Students have 24 hrs within which to log in and complete their online exam, providing a high level of flexibility for those who are working on a busy schedule.

    For more information on iLearn, please CLICK HERE.

    Students are also provided with local support throughout their course so they are never alone. Our dedicated counselors and support staff are always on hand to guide and assist as well as deal with any issues.

    Online Learning at PTC is truly an experience worth having!

  • Flexible Payment Plans

    Paying for your tuition fees need not be daunting! PTC offers a flexible installment plan for students, making it easy to pay for your studies.